Thursday, July 28, 2005

the holy grail of Flash

So I am on a quest.
The quest is about finding a good open source actionscript 2 framework to use in my future RIA development.
So far there seem to be two excellent candidates for this job.
The first one is "Cairngorm" from Iteration::Two and the second one it the "Ariaware Platform" (ARP) from Ariaware Limited.
The connection between these two is quite close and some flash folks would argue that the second one is a more Flash dev oriented version of the first one. And I would agree with that idea.
The Cairngorm framework is a beast born from the large enterprise J2EE knowhow of the folks at Iteration::Two and its roadmap clearly states the orientation towards Flex large scale development. You can use your common flash toys but nobody will wait for you to catch up if lagging behind too much.
On the other hand ARP is targeted mainly at Flash RIA development. Flex is accepted and you'll earn a great deal of respect for using it. But as I said, the common Flash folk is not considered an outsider here and we're all alike. Almost.
You still need to understand an apply OOP and Core J2EE patterns but the chance is that if you're just starting there are many others like you and the journey will not be a lonely one.
So I decided to go the ARP way for now. Later when I feel more confident in my software architecturing skills maybe I will attempt a migration to Cairngorm but for now I think this is the best choice.
I'll try and share here as much as I can from the newly found knowledge so people that are interested can read more and learn it the easy way.
If you want to make your own choice here are two gems that were quite hard to find. One is here on FlexCoders mailing list and the other one is here on Keith Peter's blog at BIT-101.
It's quite a soap opera this Flash frameworks world :)


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