Thursday, July 21, 2005

value thy Value Objects

I had no idea what Value Objects were until I got my hands on the free chapter "ActionScript 2.0 Design Patterns for Rich Internet Applications" from "ActionScript 2.0 Dictionary". It was written by the guys from Iteration:Two that were also involved in the creation of the famous "Opal" RIA that Aral Balkan is so proud of. About Opal you can read more here and here. Anyway I am not a J2EE programmer so I have no solid knowlege of the Core patterns. This chapter explains very well some of these patterns and the focus is on creating a Flash RIA for consuming the Amazon web services. So if you are just a little into flash remoting then this is a hell of a kick start. A little patience will get you trough the major patterns and you'll feel more confident when having a beer and a chat with friends that do hardcore Java programming.
I am currently involved in a project that uses flash remoting and I felt proud when realising that I've implemented the idea behing the "Service Locator" + "Bussiness Delegate" without reading about it before. My solution is no way near the implementation from the book but I am glad that now I can improve it.
You can read the post here. Also the pdf document is here and the source code is here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cosmin,

My name is Andriy and I am from Ukraine, Kiev (Kyiv).

I am also not coming into ActionScript world from J2EE development, therefore the concept of core design patterns is new to me as well.

We are here in Kiev to develop an RIA application using Flex and Flash.

I am looking forward to talk to Eastern Europe developers more during our development cycle!

BTW, are you going to Macromedia MAX 2005?
If yes, I'll meet you there!

1:30 PM, August 16, 2005  
Blogger cosmin said...

Hello Andriy!

I am afraid that I won't make it at the MAX 2005 but I am glad that we'll have someone from this part of the Flash world to represent us there.
I won't be diving into Flex just yet but if Zorn will be all they say then I might just give it a try.

Good luck with the project and keep the blog fresh. I know that this is not easy but you got a bookmark from me :)


3:46 PM, August 16, 2005  

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