Wednesday, August 17, 2005

moom, where's my Rubberduck!?

A long time ago there was a cool company in the Netherlands with a duck's name. Rubberduck software. They released a nice piece of software with a nice aqua like interface that would magically transform your flash movies into full featured windows applications. And the best marketing slogan was that they used it in the making of another great software. That great software was itself. And they called it Screenweaver. Then it fell asleep.
After that we had mProjector, Zinc, SwfStudio, flashJester and others. All these were little babies when Screenweaver roamed the flash world. Or they weren't at all.
Today is a good day for flash as Dexter would put it.
The owner of the Screenweaver code, Edwin VanRijkom teamed up with Darron Schall to get Screenwearver 3 to OSFlash.
Man this is cool!
I've originally worked with Screenweaver but gave it up because the lack of community support in favor of mProjector. But I foresee that the great OSFlash momentum will get Screenweaver so far in so little time that we won't be able to keep up. Especially Darron was waiting for this thing to boost his efforts.
I say no more because probably while writing this post a bunch of other great things happened in the OSFlash world.
The human readable story is here at Jesse's. For the flash addicts I recommend Darron's post.


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