Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I am back from a short 1 week holyday.
Where did I spend my well deserved recreation time you ask?
Well I moved to a new apartment.
I never knew that me and Carmen (my better half :) managed to gather so much stuff in just one year of living together. Bags of clothes, washing machine, tv, microwave, kitchen stuff. Man it was a hard week I tell you. And the new apartment needed cleaning. It's Romania after all and you can ask around 200 EU/month for a dump. It wasn't my best vacation ever that's for shure. On Monday at work I was so tired that I was actually happy to be able to sit down and use only my finger tips to do the work...

Well I am looking forward to the winter holydays :D
I hope you had a better time than me this summer and I wish you all a happy new working year :P



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