Monday, October 17, 2005

Macromedia <Labs>

Well, well...
Nowadays if you just blink you might miss some important thing that Macromedia throws at you.
Today they launched the Macromedia Labs site that comes to give a tangible support to the much hyped Flex 2 product line. As much as I am excited I am still sad that I won't get to play with this baby anywhere else than in my personal little playground during my free time.
Course all the flasherz will get on it asap and it will grow but the aim is too high and enthusiasm won't get us far. With flash it was easy. We had the creative people that saw in flash the means to experiment new ways of expression on the web. Now they feel betrayed and for a good reason. With Flex we have to pitch this at a whole new level, the enterprise one. And there are still few people in our world that can talk back when slapped with a core design pattern from a J2EE savy.
Well there's still the good old answer that they failed with the applets and now they are choking with html tables and server generated javascript and so they should like us at least.
More about the Flex jump here at Mossy's. I agree with what he's saying but I still feel that Cairngorm is currently the best answer for Flex apps as it's the only beaten track yet. And the guys were recently acquired by Macromedia to join their RIA consulting team so that says it all.
Ofcourse you have to get to a certain level before using it but if u're not there yet then you shouldn't use Flex on commercial projects now should u?
Well it's Monday and I feel as sad I was when they introduced AS2. Small and with time passing me by very fast.
But I'll feel better tomorrow :)


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