Thursday, October 13, 2005

The new Logan site: it will change your life

Well that's what they say in the spot for the new Logan diesel from our eternal automobile company here in Romania - Dacia Automobiles - part of the Renault Group. They also claim that this campaign will run in over 37 countries so you just might be lucky enough to see it on your very own tv. But what do we web developers care about that anyway :)?
What will change our exciting web life here in Romania is the fact that if you go to the new web site of Dacia Automobiles (romanian only) and you right click -> view source you see this marvelous first line of xhtml code:
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="ro" lang="ro">
Whoa, full xhtml compliance!
Usability, standards, clean look!
And they actually paid someone to implement the Plone cms that runs on the Zope server that is built in the Python programming language.
Do you see where I'm aiming?
They built their web site entirely using Open Source Software!
Now do you see where I'm going?
They realized that their site was so important that they had to get professional help!
No more daddy or uncle's little web designer that has FrontPage installed on his gaming pc at home :p
Well they are part of the Renault Group and we all know that Renault is not based in Romania and no where near central-east Europe. But it seems that we as a nation move forward only when pushed from behind by people who still believe that we can change. I only hope those people keep on pushing...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see what you mean by this post.

In Ukraine the situation is similar =) Therefore most of the project we do are aimed at european or american market.

BTW, Dacia Logan is quite popular car in Ukraine, because it is dirty cheap. And cheap is 8000$.

2:52 PM, October 13, 2005  
Blogger cosmin said...

Yes it's quite cheap.
Some west europeans that we had visiting kept on asking which one it was because at that price they would buy one too. It seems to be a good car. Quite ugly but still practical.

2:56 PM, October 13, 2005  

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