Wednesday, November 16, 2005

[Taaa taaa taaa taa taraaaaaa ...]

I've got my eye on the big G lately. A very close eye on them. They cannot escape my very sharp and acute senses. I am even using a cool software to watch their moves. It's called Google Earth :P

Ok I admit it!
I am hooked on Google. How can you not be?
I mean they gave us so much free stuff and asked nothing in return. Nothing except to let them search trough our stuff that iz :D
Ok, there are still some frebees with no strings attached. Like Earth and Talk. But the hard stuff has a looooong Terms of Use page. And I accepted those without a blink.
Have you seen Analytics yet?
It's website tracking on steroids. The details and UI are just incredibly well done for a free tool.
What about the much expected Base that just launched today?
This is gonna be so big if people jump on it. It's like you don't put a robots rule on your site and hope it'll be indexed properly. They host your stuff and index it in the process.
Well I still think that Google is our friend till proven otherwise. And I would like to work for Google. Working for Google is nice. So many happy smiling faces. It's like inside Yahoo Messenger. Would be like inside Google Talk but that has no smilies support. They don't need smilies. They work in the valley. The weather is so nice in the valley. And there


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google is not friend anymore. After they bought 5% of AOL for 1bln$ ( 1 000 000 000 $) they agreed to tweak their algorythms to give AOL preference in Google search index.

The source of the information:

12:04 PM, December 20, 2005  
Blogger cosmin said...

It's actually not that bad.

...this assistance will not change computer formulas that determine the order in which pages are listed in Google's search results.

Still AOL will get special placement on the lower right of the search results.

Well, we have to face that Google is now officially a giant and the business model has to change. At least Microsoft has now very serious competition in a field that will become more and more dominant in the near future.

We could say that the big G is a victim of it's own success. But what they did is now a science and we can all learn from it.

12:27 PM, December 20, 2005  

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