Monday, January 16, 2006

happy new flash video year to you all !

Yes, I strongly believe that this will be a second happy year for flash video. Now with Adobe running the show the launch of an even more optimized video authoring/publishing set of tools becomes even more probable. And from the events so far it seems that I'll be up to my neck in flv's. Hopefully the greater majority of those will be that sweet Flash Media Server 2 flavored that are easy to capture and even more easy to playback in your own browser.
I admit that the flavor comes with the not so sweet drawback of using the old Sorenson codec instead of the new on2 one but having automated capture and encoding of the video is so much better. That is if your project can afford it.
On this note I would like to point to one of my recent discoveries on the FMS2 subject. Fabio Sonnati is an italian who I'm guessing has captured so much movie footage from the healthcare industry that he can now perform some bypass procedures all by himself. His blog on the subject of flash video has some excellent points. Check it out if you're interested.

[edit:] the guys at Adobe took only a day to prove me right: Adobe Production Studio


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