Tuesday, May 16, 2006

now you can have your Cake and eat it too!

But you need to be a good baker. Or at least be willing to become one ;)
There are some 350 bakers currently one the CakeMap. And the number is going up.
It all started with Ruby on Rails but that's not the kind of beast I would want to play with. Too many unknown variables. Too much buzz and signals. Way over 37 definetly. Alexandru from InterAkt made a good point on Ruby apps and why they're usually such a big hit.
So PhpCake.
"a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility"
Now that sounds tasty doesn't it?
I'm a php developer. Not mainly a php developer but I did my share of admin interfaces and dynamic pages for both flash and html. And Cake has a nice AmfPhp module. So you can make your app and then feed the data to a Flash interface if u get bored with the html one. It also has some nice "out of the box" Ajax integration with the Scriptaculous library.
And at the core the MVC pattern runs the show. Inheritance, ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping. Nice views managed by controllers. Clean models that reflect your information architecture.
Now that's felxibility!
But the reason why I like so much CakePhp is a much simpler one. It's the fact that every time I'm working with it I find answers to questions I was asking myself before when coding php. Answers to questions like "how could I achieve this functionality in a more elegant and cleaner way" or "how could this flow be controlled in a more precise manner".
All I can tell you is that until now I didn't feel any sour taste from this cake :)
And some more big pluses would be the site, the Wiki, CakeForge and #cakephp. It kinda reminds me of the dynamics in the Flash Community when it was all about finding new and interesting ways of doing things.
That's something I always fall for :D


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