Thursday, June 22, 2006

personalize Messenger with FUN plug-ins

Yeah, if there's no FUN factor involved in your online product I don't wanna hear about it because the Internet is all about FUN
This cool (thus FUN) fact caught my eye while going trough the goog flash feed. Justin Everett-Church writes that Yahoo released a SDK for developing Messenger plugins. The cool thing is that the plugins are based on plain html. Sorta like a mini browser. Hehe, Apollo watch out!
And from what I read here it's not a big philosophy with these plugins. You can link to an online html page and voila`, you've got yourself a tab or conversation plugin.
How do you interact with the main plugin host you ask?
Well trough the JavaScript API naturally. I would go as far as predicting that NASA will seriously consider JavaScript for the 2020 Mars mission also :)
But seriously this API gives you a LOT of features mainly targeted towards interacting with the host. Especially using it's communication capabilities. It gets wild when I think of the possibilities of having a multiuser flash app that uses the Messenger network for communication. I could be wrong but so far I think this is the biggest one in the open APIs movement.
And we're still good pals with Y! so Flash 8 installs with the latest messenger version.
The manual keeps away from implementation details from the web technology POW by mentioning all of them as viable choices in a short line:
"ActiveX, Flash, DHTML, AJAX or any other browser-based technology"
Well I'll have to say that I don't use Yahoo Messenger :D
But I know people who do, lots of people in fact. The play@work market is a big one :P
Any ideas?
They're just dying to hear them.


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