Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Holidays are gone...

Well this time I got to enjoy a really good vacation. Visiting old friends, traveling and seeing new places. Cloudy mountains, green hills, cold springs and lots of sunshine :)
Not like last year :P
A new working year starts and already it looks very promising. But predicting all that's going to happen on the web is next to impossible so like until now I'll go with the flow.
For you Flash lovers here's a link that will boost your enthusiasm a little: The Flash Tenth Anniversary Interactive Tour. A bit long but hey, it's exclusively based on real facts...
So I wish everybody lots of success and good time at work.
And don't forget to play :)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flash is 10

Remember this?
Whoaaa! How did they do that?! All the vectors animated in sync with the sound. All over the browser window. And it streams really good on our weak yet very expensive internet connection. Incredible!

Now that's a flashback I like to experience. An Adobe Flashback more precisely. Actually the name was Macromedia back then.
Yesterday on the 8th Adobe Flash turned 10. It started as a better way of doing vector drawings and ended up as a better way of doing the web. And it's still full throttle ahead.
There is a microsite, a Wired interview with Mike Downey and a cool FWA poll aimed at picking the best Flash site ever.
As for me, what can I say...
I'm still digging after my Flash4 source files I did back in '99. I had a cool "Welcome to my home page" animation with pseudo 3D rotation and all, a very promising Tetris game attempt and the Fridge Magnets tutorial completed in all it's delicious details. But my first real masterpieces came with Flash5. Among others I can count two versions of the Snake game, a "Bunny Killer" shooting game (_with_ gun reloading and cool sounds), a Dragon Fractals generator (this was also a good example for the "stop script" message) and [.ro]nin, my own personal flash site. Back then I had an old 386 system upgraded to a lightning fast 586 AMD P75 that in the end looked pretty much like this one. After I did all this flashing I went out and nailed my first job as Senior Flash Researcher with Firma9 Advertising Production. And the rest is the Work Experience section of my CV...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

great software by free example

I guess many of us in the Flash Platform community have already heard about the IFBIN service. Great software by example and contributed by roughly all the big flashers out there. But in an open community was debatable whether a success could be achieved with a service based on a not very cheap per year subscription that offered just a little more than what was given for free by others. And it seems that in the end those that doubted were right to do so.
Well today all the examples were released as open source. You just have to grab the IFBIN client and install it.
Then you can get on browsing the treasure island ;)