Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Breeze me!

Or rather "Acrobat Connect Professional" me :)
I still remember one interview I read a long time ago with the lead developer of Skype. They were thinking to write an application that can enable internet calls and people will get hooked by the "Skype me!" thing. Well they sure did.
But how about getting VoIP right inside the Flash Player. Is that crazy stuff or what!
The former Breeze now Acrobat Connect Professional team is hard at work on this. They have gathered some invaluable help and I'm confident the result will be amazing. I can't even begin to comprehend the endless possibilities. Seems that the Adobe crew really planned ahead when they bought Macromedia. And they're not wasting any time either.
I myself am glad that things are moving the right way. My main concern was of the stuff that will be pushed in the Flash Player to leverage existing Adobe technologies but "[...]Sources say that touching Flash Player is like messing with God inside Adobe [...]" so I am at peace of mind on this one.
Together with the increasing acceptance of the general web crowd regarding the Flash Player as the de-facto standard for publishing audio and video content on the web (and still for having a damn cool web site) and the positive response of the flash community towards addressing issues regarding standards and accessibility in their Flash movies things are going well and the future looks good. Give us more Vitamins and we'll be more responsive no doubt. More on standards and their Flash side here and here.


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