Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Adobe and The Mozilla Foundation just decided to get together in a joint effort to change the face of the Flash Player. They wanna make it look like this. The new monkey will be an Open Source one and it will implement the final version of the ECMAScript Edition 4 standard language. One huge step closer to the standards and the broad community of web development:
“Now web developers have a high-performance, open source virtual machine for building and deploying interactive applications across both Adobe Flash Player and the Firefox web browser. We’re excited about joining the Adobe and Mozilla communities to advance ECMAScript.”
Brendan Eich, chief technology officer,
Mozilla Corporation
“This is a major milestone in bringing together the broader HTML and Flash development communities around a common language, and empowering the creation of even more innovative applications in the Web 2.0 world,”
Kevin Lynch, senior vice president
and chief software architect at Adobe
But really, tamarin?!?
Who, how, why did start this borrowing of project names from biology?
I wonder, are there any biology labs that offer advice on such matters?
Well I have to admit there are some similarities. Both are lightweight and errr fast. But Flashs are by no means confined to South America's lowlands. I have several of them here. Some really loud ones jumping around all day :D
Well, tamarin, flamarin...
Here is the official project page.


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