Friday, February 02, 2007

software pirating blood sucking poor communist gypsies (some are brilliant programmers)

"Foreign investors say Romania's IT sector is one of most promising industries in the fast-growing economy thanks to high level of technical education in Romania, low wages and the country's thriving underworld of computers hackers"

"Piracy helped the young generation discover computers. It set off the development of the IT industry in Romania..."
Traian Basescu, President of Romania

Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft

"It seems to me that much more than 70% of EVERYTHING done in that country is of an illicit nature ..." [read more on Slashdot]
slashdotter SpamIsLame

anonymous blogger from Cluj, Romania


Blogger Unknown said...

E musai sa vorbim in engleza? Eu o sa-ti zic in romaneste parerea mea: inca nu avem destui bani ca sa cumpere tot romanul softul cu liceenta, si apoi dupa ce te-ai obisnuit sa nu dai bani pe el, ti se pare ca esti fraierit cand tre' sa dai 10 euro pe o liceenta. Lasa ca o sa castigam si noi mai bine si le-om plati pe toate! Putem discuta mai mult la nunta lui Kiru!!

3:10 PM, February 23, 2007  

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