Monday, May 14, 2007

Japanese vixy baby!

Gosh, I really hope you didn't get here while searching for Manga :D
I have to admit that although flash video is great to watch on YouTube and all over the net for that matter is not that easy when it comes to grabbing it to your hard drive to watch later. Well that's why I still keep my IE around. But even if you know where to get the cached file from and you have the flash video player it still doesn't feel easy enough.
Well it just got easier thanks to recent developments in the secret Japanese art of video format conversion. Secret because I could not read the blog post :)
Well they released the converter as OS on sourceforge so I guess it's not that secret ;)
Hey, it's even on OSFlash!
Well go on and try it for yourselves. It seems the service is under heavy load so you'll have to be patient and try a few times.
And here's a nice test movie:


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