Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I really Digg it! NOOOT!

You just goota love it!
Is it just the spring setting in or have all the web surfers just got tired of being monetized and getting shit in return!?
First there's the new Digg'd effect acting on Digg itself. Someone hacked the HD DVD key that would allow HD DVDs to be played on Linux and posted it on Digg. They deleted the story but didn't see what was to come. After that every single story on the front page of Digg and every story in the queue have the key in them in some fashion. The site was rendered unusable by it's own users. Here's the official comment from Digg's founder Kevin Rose from their blog.
The other one, on a much smaller scale but interesting nonetheless is the readers of Guy Kawasaki slapping their host when he asked for some "help". Here's the post.
Forgive the title. I' ve just watched Borat over the weekend and had to use the only decent piece of humor in that horror movie...
And if you've read all the way to here you really deserve something useful so here's Eric Meyer's final css reset. Use it, don't abuse it ;)


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