Monday, September 03, 2007

Critical Mass in Cluj-Napoca

22 September is the last day of the European Mobility Week so we're going for a ride around town.
If you can grab a bike you can join too. Just don't go stealing one cause that's wrong ;)
Actually any kind of transportation is OK as long as it's your own power that makes it go forward. If you need to know more about the way it will happen read more about Critical Mass. We plan on doing it every month under the same rules.
Current meeting spot is here ( the Skate Park near Baritiu Str. ). This may change so I'll post a comment if it does. The time is 17:00.
Geza came up with the initiative and Andrei Crivăţ will manage the entire event.
Go ahead and read the original post, the second one and the comments on Placerea nu se refuza (in romanian).
Keep on pedaling :)



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