Monday, October 29, 2007

флеш телефона

Alexey, one of the Russian devs on the Red5 list pointed us to the newly launched flashphone service. It's beta, free with limited 3 minutes duration and you can make 5 calls per day to any phone number worldwide.
Well now, mind that you proceed at your own risk. First because the service is hosted somewhere in Russia. And I couldn't find any real contact address other than the standard email. Low profile maybe. Not being able to pinpoint a service provider on the World Map is just not a good first impression in my book. Bond says the trace cools off somewhere in the Moscow area. Some kind of high security facility for hosting pretty Russian web sites. We sent him off to find more about this Mr. Evgeniy V. Gain. If I am to think about really using the service it would really help to know more about him and his plan for world domination trough free video ads supported browser-to-phone and browser-to-browser calls.
So far Q ran the standard tests. It works for Romanian mobile numbers. No clear idea on the audio quality but that would definitely be an interesting test. It's Flex and you only need Flash Player 9 and a pair of headsets + mic. As they say, "If you can use Google, you can use flashphone". Standard misinformation techniques ;)
So far it looks like any other typical product of Mother Russia. Rough, sturdy and seems to work after using a bigger hammer. Note that the Flash Player error notice doesn't count. If you get it you'll have to "Dismiss all". The Flash Player is obviously a capitalist product designed to once again undermine the progress made by the Russian scientists :D

Thursday, October 04, 2007

new sexy tools launched!

Thermo, Linux Flex Builder, AIF Toolkit and the Robot Sex Movie.
Talk about advanced and feature packed production tools :)
Note that the robots are not made by Adobe. They should acquire the manufacturer though...