Monday, December 17, 2007

h4X3 vid30 1.0 r313453d!

If you're doing ActionScript2 for more than a couple of years chances are that you are also using the mtasc compiler. A great piece of software coming from a guy who will rearange the bytes in a swf file any way he likes. Well, any way that makes sense and will squeeze some more performance out of the Flash Player to be more precise.
A guru when it comes to hacking the swf format and the player, Nicolas Cannasse went on to write haXe, his own "web oriented universal language". The adoption may be lower than it truly deserves but they are doing pretty good considering the competition. What amazes me about this language is the stuff they are building on it.
Last one is haXe Video. I haven't played with it yet but man it looks like a master piece of hacking genius!
Just have a look at the source code. And if you have the trained eye then go compare it with the Red5 one :D
Well ok, ok!
Red5 is Java and is features packed. But man, it is a kind of magic :) , isn't it ?


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