Friday, March 28, 2008

Photoshop Express: just presets, no sliders!

Photoshop Express Beta was launched.
If you want to use sliders to select values instead of clicking on 6 or so presets you'll still have to "See What's Possible".
Did they use Cairngorm, did they, did they?!
The api seems to return vanilla XML. Sooo 2002 :p
Guess this one is supposed to be a working gadget, not just a showcase.
Still Beta!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FLAME, now Salasaga burns brightly at its start...

Why don't they stick to names from the fauna for naming the projects?!
Well very kind words, no doubt about that. And on :o
Me, I always thought that the E stands for Eclipse, so I don't get the old FLAME is new Linux e-learning dev IDE. Oh whell...
Slashdot is all over it. With some good points that also surface from the original article. Unpolished, limited, narrow set of features. But it works!
For me, there's little interest at this point. I'll test run probably. As I am already doing the acrobatics between XP and Tiger inside and outside Parallels, adding Linux in the mix would probably crash my own internal CPU :)
But I am happy to see Flash dev on Linux getting more and more love from the OS community. There is a bitter gap and those who will put a shoulder at closing it will earn some serious eternal fame and glory.
To be fair, Flex is already there. The problem right now is that the fog and buzz that Adobe throws around the new tools for the Flash Platform makes it really hard to guesstimate the real value. People say it works and if so we're half way there. Not really sure where that is but we need a vector don't we...
Man I need to really switch to OSX for good! The idea of M$ forcing me to switch to Vista really makes me uneasy. Cause I won't!
And then what?!