Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I once heard

about a beer brewer who walked into a bar with beer and handed out mugs of good beer to everyone. On every mug of beer was a label with the recipe. In his hand he held a sign: Free beer.”
Some beer drinkers, now drunk, decided that the brewer had scammed them into thinking they were getting free beer. They called him names, said his first sign was BS and decided to use the recipe and start a brewery anyway. The brewer, advised that his first sign wasn’t BS tried to deter them from making that mistake.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adobe unveils it's AllDoBe long term strategy

March 18 2008, Adobe launches Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server. It integrates with AIR ( to read Adobe Media Player ) so you as broadcaster can protect your content even if it's not viewed online.

March 27 2008, Adobe launches Photoshop Express Public Beta. So you can edit your photos online. Just presets, no sliders.

March 30 2008, Adobe releases AIR alpha for Linux. So they can keep using the "anytime, anywhere and through any medium" punch line.

April 07 2008, Adobe aligns Mobile and Platform Operations. So you as content provider are able to deliver your content seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms. Now that's "any medium"!

April 09 2008, Adobe launches new Online Adobe TV Programming. So as Adobe product users can watch Adobe videos about Adobe products. Why not?!

April 09 2008, Adobe launches the Adobe Media Player. So you can watch protected content from the content providers who bought the Flash Media Rights Management Server. That's fast ROI baby!

April 9 2008, Adobe releases the update for the Flash Player. So it blocks high quality H.264 streamed content unless it recognizes the provider as Flash Media Server 3.0.1. As promised.
Adobe’s opportunities are enormous. We are performing exceptionally well against our strategy and the fundamental market forces driving our long-term outlook are as strong as ever. I’m thrilled with the strength, caliber and collective vision of the management team we have in place to take the company to the next level.
Shantanu Narayen, Adobe President and CEO

Hell yeah!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Colin Moock says that Richard Galvan said that the next Flash CS4/10 will use a new format for the source flash files, namely XFL. This new format will be XML based so apparently we'll all be one step away from creating a miriad of Flash Authoring Environments. Extra bonus points will be awarded to those who will use AIR to do it ;)
Hmmm, they should codename this one Venus cause I bet it's on a pretty clear collision path with Mars. One ring to rule them all...