Friday, May 02, 2008

open the screen and let the AIR come in...

Well I'm lost for words. Almost :)
Some years ago I decided that I should stick to Open Source Flash. As much as possible for the development tools / libs also. So I did an it worked just fine. The feeling was one of alienation from the mother ship but I told myself that big corporations are evil and Adobe is a big corporation.
Yet somehow, when it came to Adobe the reality seemed to farther more and more from the above logical result.
The success of their open source strategy regarding the Flash Platform is getting bigger with each new step they take. First there was Tamarin, then the Flex SDK and others, then the effort to make AIR truly cross platform and now The Open Screen Project
"to enable a consistent runtime environment – taking advantage of Adobe® Flash® Player and, in the future, Adobe AIR™ -- that will remove barriers for developers and designers as they publish content and applications across desktops and consumer devices, including phones, mobile internet devices (MIDs), and set top boxes. The Open Screen Project will address potential technology fragmentation by allowing the runtime technology to be updated seamlessly over the air on mobile devices. The consistent runtime environment will provide optimal performance across a variety of operating systems and devices, and ultimately provide the best experience to consumers."
Well my hat's off to you guys for proving me wrong!

Note: a good part of my new found enthusiasm towards the company and also the shortness of this post can be blamed on the mixture of PureMVC, Flex3 and AIR I'm high on right now. More details after milestone one ;)


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