Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flash Player gets 10 and some Google lovin' on top

Flash Player 10 is here!
Well on labs. Alpha. But it's faster and better, with 3D effects, custom filters and effects, advanced text layout, enhanced drawing api, visual performance improvements.
And there's some noise finally:
"In Flash Player 10 code named Astro the Sound object will have one more method which is designed to work together with the "samplesCallback" event handler. It will extract raw sound data from an existing sound asset. That means any mp3 file you have in the library or load externally can be accessed and processed."

Tinic Uro, Adobe Flash Player Engineer

And Google just released the Google Maps Flash API. Get it here. About time guys!
Great news. Back to work.

Update: Ryan says that AIR is not supported by the Maps API. Star the issue to get things movin' faster.
Update: Keith thinks that version 10 is the best ever. He dislikes the recent focus on Flex and lights up his flash saber against the temptings of the flexd side.


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