Monday, June 16, 2008

code swarm

Ever wondered how much effort goes into such great OS projects as Eclipse or Apache Web Server?
Michael Ogawa created the code_swarm project. He used processing to turn the project's svn activity into I may say beautiful organic visualizations.
"This visualization, called code_swarm, shows the history of commits in a software project. A commit happens when a developer makes changes to the code or documents and transfers them into the central project repository. Both developers and files are represented as moving elements. When a developer commits a file, it lights up and flies towards that developer. Files are colored according to their purpose, such as whether they are source code or a document. If files or developers have not been active for a while, they will fade away. A histogram at the bottom keeps a reminder of what has come before."
He intends to releease it as Open Source so I guess it's a matter of time until we all start visually analizing our teams performance.
Goody, another PM toy :)


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