Friday, August 22, 2008

(Flex vs Silverlight) == (facts vs fiction)

Flex vs Silverlight?
Unfortunately no!
It's Adobe and Open Source vs Microsoft's back stage tactics of yet again forcing everyone into using their immature technology with no regards for the end user. You can take the recent Olympics as a good and clear example of the problem. It's great to piss off online viewers so bad that they go back on the couch to watch the olympic sized ad packages they're fed via the brown box ;)
Good thing that they're going into online advertising though. Cause they'll have to use Flash for that. Like they did with the recent Mojave PR disaster.
Yes they have a huge developer base. Yes they'll force them all to develop for Silverlight. Yes they'll force all their strategic partners to shove Silverlight into their clients throats!
Well I honestly believe that those times are behind us now. And that the internet users and the internet community will choose to have their say about what's going on.
Bullying times are over guys!
Play fair or go sit in the corner with all those who share your business models.
Devilopers, devilopers, devilopers!


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