Monday, August 18, 2008

Tamarin hunted down!

There's been some turmoil in the world of ECMAScript.
And this affects ActionScript 3! Or not?
"we agree with the necessity of the Ecma TC39 ES harmony effort. We’ll continue to be involved, in both ES Harmony and in future generations of ECMAScript. We will track Ecma efforts within ActionScript but won’t stop innovating ActionScript, which millions of developers rely on and is key to so many incredible web experiences today. It’s in our charter to make it possible to push the limits of what can be done on the web. We’ll continue to work with and for the community of folks who want to build the best the web can offer."
Dave McAllister, Director of Standards and Open Source, Adobe Systems

"ActionScript 3 isn’t changing and we are not going to dumb down future versions or ActionScript. We are going to continue to innovate on the web with the Flash Player, and push the web forward, as we have done for over a decade."
Mike Chambers, Adobe

Very smooth move by Microsoft. As Grant puts it.
We're still Open Source. Kind of...
Well, back to the browser wars I say!


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