Tuesday, September 30, 2008

publish for IPhone

FlashCS4 is here!
Old news for the hooked flashers out there. Fresh news for the rest of the pack.
Keith the coder likes it!
Flashmagazine says that animators will definitely digg it!
And it looks like the first update for the new CS4 will be the "publish for IPhone" button.
Oh boy, me thinks me happy :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

dude, who broke my uploader ?!

Since Flash Player 8 each major version introduced some security features that broke something somewhere. Hello Flash 10 :)
So Flash Player 10 breaks some stuff in order to increase the security and better protect the users. Protect them from some really annoying things like having their broswers crash because a lots of file browse dialogs being spawned randomly. Or asking them to upload a file from an invisible swf movie unknown to the user to a destination known only by the swf creator.
The devs naturally care more about other things like not having their features broken. But we all know that in order to make the web omlette more secure you have to break some egg heads now, don't we :)
The louder ones are those from the AJAX crowd. They don't like Flash because it's not open standards but they like to use it to implement really fancy stuff like multiple uploaders. Just as long as nobody can see that Flash is used there. Like a 1px by 1px swf movie that does all the work. Accessibility anyone?
From the Flash crowd it seems that Keith was caught on a bad day :) He's got some good points there but man is he making them stick!
Lee Brimelow explained the situation and pointed to the article on these newly surfaced matters. There's some good news and as always, there's some bad news.
But I thought that they really meant it when they said that web apps are so cool because you can easily deploy new versions and fixes.
The SWFUpload crew says that the last option is to
"try to implement a kind of mix of Flash UI and HTML UI and complicate things by making the Flash UI configurable enough to match the HTML UI"
Well guys here's a bit of news for you. You only need to show the Browse button in the swf movie in order to trigger the Filereference.browse event and to skin it accordingly. It may be harder than the current solution but not impossible. There is CSS support in Flash too...