Thursday, October 09, 2008

AS heroes, we salute you!

Peter Elst writes about his latest endeavor, his interviews with the heroes we all look up to every day. The neat thing is that he's got a set of questions and he's asking them to every one of the guys. The end result is a set of interviews that hold the answers to some of the questions we all would like to ask them on some conference hallway or with a couple of beers near by. This is really a great piece of flash journalism if you ask me. No fancy technical stuff, but who needs that...
On a side note, it's really interesting to look at the Hits column on the interviews list. You can see that Grant is the hot name in Flash right now. As expected, his recent work with Adobe on the new IDE really boosted his rankings. His interview is good but it's really worth reading trough all of them.

Congrats to Pablo Parrado for his community oriented initiative and even more to Peter for doing the actual interviewing.
Great read, just great!


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