Wednesday, October 08, 2008

dev team, we salute you!

Flash Magazine has an article on the new features inside Flash CS4 and the latest release of the Flash Player and what it took to get there.
Starting from Richard Galvan and Paul Betlem's "The Ying and Yang of Flash" session, the article goes trough all the new gems like the new Kuler panel, the new multiple library items property changer, the compilation constants and path settings for SWC libraries for publishing, the 3D translations, Inverse Kinematics and transform paths, the new Vellum text engine, the Pixel Bender integration, the new FlaCC C and C++ compiler that produces ActionScript bytecode that is ten times faster than AS3 and only two times slower than native code, the new dynamic audio and dynamic streaming and some more.
How were all these possible?
Well it seems that you need a team of super achievers that go around the conservative rules, are a bit secretive, drink a lot and party hard and are driven by both fear and arrogance. Well at lease that's how the Adobe Senior Management sees it...
Hell yeah!
Dev team, we salute you!


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