Wednesday, January 14, 2009

so you're an open playa, playa ?!

The big guys got together. This is expected to happen when a technology reaches critical mass and the cash starts flowing in, of corse :)
"Open Video Player is a community site dedicated to sharing best practices around video player development. You can download player source code, reference plug-ins for advertising technologies as well as get advice from a community of designers, developers and content owners.
Let's standardize it, let's make it stable and predictable so we can really get some ROI here!
Akamai started the initiative and Adobe jumped in closely followed by Microsoft carrying a white fading torch.
Hmm, I was just reading about Brightcove today and how they're doing really really good. Don't see their logo in the partners list but then again the players they use are way ahead and way integrated with their technology...
But let the fun begin :D


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