Wednesday, May 13, 2009

fuse your workgroup on the aspire one with fusesmb instead of sambaing with cifs mount

If you really want to browse the Windows Network from your Aspire One Linpus Linux, there is actually a way better alternative to the clumsy

samba sudo mount -t cifs

You'll still need the terminal but you won't need to sudo or individually mount each share. You will see the entire Network Neighbourhood with browseable Wrokgroups, individual computers and their shares. Sweeet ain't it !?
So the answer is fuse, the fusesmb implementation to be more precise.
And it goes something like this.
Only one note, it's not

fuse /home/user/samba


fusesmb /home/user/samba

And in the File Browser you will have to manually type the path /home/user/samba
in the Path field at the top instead of the default My Disk:///
It must be working pretty decently as I haven't had any complaints yet. Now if anyone knows a way to get this to work on Leopard too please drop a comment here. I'll be forever greateful!


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