Wednesday, May 06, 2009

MySQL Workbench now on a Mac near you!

Well this happened a good while ago.
DBDesigner4 is my weapon of choice for well, database design. But is Win only so it's one of the fewer and fewer reasons of me running XP in VirtualBox. Actually the only other one is a VPN problem. So as you will see below, one down, only one more to go baby :D
Didn't like the turn Fabforce took when they dropped it and joined MySQL but hey, whatever works!
But they definitively got my love back when on April 1st of this year the Beta version for OSX was released :O
"for the moment (until we finally get to re-enable full OpenGL support) using the Mac version is the new benchmark of model rendering speed for MySQL Workbench projects."
Installed it, ran it, loved it!


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