Wednesday, October 07, 2009

CakeBaker HasMany Client Trough Project

Hopefully the above always returns true on save ;)

This looks like old - like wine though - Cake HABTM stuff talking about Cake vs Rails and HABTM relationships. Quite interesting read.

Here you can read an article and comments (best articles are those with comments even more interesting than the article itself, trust me;) about Cake vs Rails.

Second is an old (yeah, I'm  fan and hopefully I'll catch the next CakeFest in Germany) talking about faking Rail's HasManyTrough in Cake.

And to add something meaningful from my own bag I must tell you that if you're looking at Cake's HABTM and you're wondering how it'll fit your slightly more complex HABTM table you're better off not using HABTM at all but making the HABTM table into a Model. It'll definitely give you more control in the end!


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