Thursday, October 22, 2009

Error #1009 and counting

Back to Flash.

This year I've mostly been hard at work baking cakes one after another. Man I love it!

But yesterday I had to stop and think. You see, I needed a video player. And somehow from all the hmmm, probably 10-15 player I've built, big and small, MVC or timeline scripted, there was not one that I could put my hands on and say to myself "This will do!". That's what u get when u do custom jobs. Maybe I should get into building and selling a customizable flash video player. Wait, what the hell am I thinking!?

So well, I was in need of a good video player. AS3 based. There's no way I'd go and code myself another AS2 player. It's 2009 for God's sake!

Well the truth is I did make a fully customisable AS3 video player that suports all sorts of parameters passed from HTML. but that one used a standard FlvPlayback skin. And it was all good but for the project I'm working on a standard skin was a no-no. I used it for the video moderation in the admin just fine. But does Youtube have a standard skinned flash video player on the front? Does Google? NO!

Hmm, "I need to code meself an AS3 video player" said I to me. Flash IDE is great for drawing but sucks at AS code. Nothing new there. I need an AS3 tool that works with my everyday Eclipse. There was none last time I checked. That's a good while ago though. Easy Eclipse still doesn't have a LAMP version using the latest Eclipse. May be Easy but it's old. I'm still young but time flyes and I can't wait. I'll have to do it the hard way. Got Eclipse Galileo for PHP developers. That's us I thought. I smiled.

Galileo is polished. Cocoa version is snappy. I pointed it to my old workbench and all was there. I slapped Aptana and Subclipse on it and there was nothing more to add. Well except for the AS3 support. Ok I said, ASDT will have to do. I'll pair it with the funky BigSource Zarkov and tame that Flex 3 SDK into submission. Hmmm, "You can find the development site at". Silly typo... Wait! "enable you to write ActionScript3 code in an integrated environment". Thats me! Had to install IMP for Eclipse too. "meta-tooling for Eclipse". Hmm that sounds metalicious.

Well syntax highlighting didn't work from the start. It did after I installed Colorer take5. But using the IMP editor. Weird. Well...

AXDT rocks! Keeps opening the compiled swf even if I said not to but hey, why not?

Export swc from Flash to the axdt project's lib folder, run from Eclipse, deploy to web server with ANT, debug with Demonsterdebugger.

"TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference."

Hmm, good thing I didn't get the other 1008 errors, right?

ADDED_TO_STAGE to follow...


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