Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CakePHP single table inheritance implementation using class inheritance

If you have a couple of document types that you don't want to create individual db tables for you can put them all in a 'documents', have an abstract Document model class and create those document types as model classes each extending the Document class. You just need in your documents table a column named like the TYPE_COLUMN constant declared in this class.
Disclaimer: I borrowed most of the code form the ExtendableBehavior ( but wrote the idea as an abstract class rather than a Behavior. Some people on IRC are already waiting for this to break in some unknown ways so use it at your own risk!
I will post updates if it breaks :)

Update: well it still works fine. In case you didn't catch the trick, u need to put the 'type' column in the documents table!

abstract class Document extends AppModel {
 const TYPE_COLUMN = 'type';
 var $useTable = 'documents';
 function beforeFind ($queryData=null) {
  if (!isset($queryData['conditions'])) {
   $queryData['conditions'] = array();
  if (is_string($queryData['conditions'])) {
   if (strlen(trim($queryData['conditions']))) {
    $queryData['conditions'] = "({$queryData['conditions']}) AND ";
   $queryData['conditions'] .= $this->alias. '.'. self::TYPE_COLUMN. ' = '. $this->alias;
  } elseif (is_array($queryData['conditions'])) { 
   if (!isset($queryData['conditions'][$this->alias.'.'. self::TYPE_COLUMN])) {
    $queryData['conditions'][$this->alias. '.'. self::TYPE_COLUMN] = array(); 
   $queryData['conditions'][$this->alias. '.'. self::TYPE_COLUMN] = $this->alias;
  return $queryData;
 function beforeSave () {
  if (array_key_exists(self::TYPE_COLUMN, $this->_schema)) { 
            if (!isset($this->data[$this->alias])) {
                $this->data[$this->alias] = array();
            $this->data[$this->alias][self::TYPE_COLUMN] = $this->alias; 
        return true;


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