Thursday, September 16, 2010

diaspora sounds better than facebook

Well it DOES!
There's a new social and open kid in the web playground. Named Diaspora?
"any movement of a population sharing common national and/or ethnic identity"
Well I guess I see the idea. Facebook is great at getting back in touch and "relatively" staying in touch with old friends.  So it could be seen as a tool for keeping together a group spread across the world.
Diaspora is also Open Source. That's like _GREAT_! My Ruby skillz are next to none but I'm pretty versed in reading MVC so beyond the perlesque syntax it's all good.
When I was reading The anti-Facebook back in May on the BBC blogs I thought that there is no anti anything here. No one can compete with FB on social except Google. And they suck at it :D

The project does already have some ideas implemented that Facebook didn't get. Especially the "aspects". The "don't let my grandma see the photos at last night's party with my friends" social itch :D
So the approach is to innovate and improve. And that's always the best one :)

And it's still good. Open Source alternatives are always about other stuff than the already established businesses. Things like working together, sharing ideas and results and finally going towards something better for all. Having fun and feeling good while doing it. And making an honest buck at the same time.

So respekt to the guys and best wishes for their project!

[Update 17.09.2010] Well it look like there's some good work ahead. Someone already laid out the main security flaws in the code. But isn't that what OSS is all about?


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