Sunday, November 07, 2010

Snow is coming. Snow Leo is already here!

In order to celebrate the fast coming of the white season I installed myself a brand new and fresh Snow Leopard!

Well not really...
My old MBP was having the blank screen of death Nvidia issue and it had to go back to the green fields of Bavaria to the nice Apple support guys in Landshut. Who so happens also fixed my current MBP for the same issue. I still wonder how long would the Apple support guys here in Cluj would have laughed if I would have called them about a MBP bought from the States :)

The nice surprise about Snow Leo is that it works good. In a couple of hours I managed to rebuild my entire setup with all the old apps.
I found that XAMPP 1.7.3 is out, is slicker and it has a lot of nice updates.
Also Virtualbox appliances export - import just works.
That Quicksilver still rocks in the Snow.
And I've got Eclipse Helios. That's bleeding edge baby!

Overall the thing feels more polished and faster. Like a new Mac should feel :)


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